Vision and mission


We have a strong bond with amateur and semi-professional artists through an ongoing link to our Creative Partner Stylelandia.

That is why we are driven to offer these talented artists a platform on which they can sell their art in a creative way by producing NFT’s featuring their Art and Design.

This will ensure that the artists gets a percentage of the profits directly from the original sales of the NFT plus an ongoing commission if and when the NFT is resold.

We hope to connect, inspire and motivate artists to continue to develop their Art and at the same time embrace NFT’s.




  • Make NFTKB the home for ALL European amateur and semi-professional artists and designers who want to embrace the world of NFT’s Crypto Art and Web3, plus a long term goal of adding even more talented Amateurs and Semi-Professionals from all across the EU.


  • Inspire all artists and designers to continue to develop themselves.


  • Educate on art, crypto, and NFT’s and to stimulate new collaborations between artists/designers and new business opportunities.




  • Pay artists for their work.

  • Respect each person’s artistic preference.

  • Use the power of Art and NFT’s to encourage more people to collect investable NFT Art.

  • Choose long-term integrity over short-term reward.

  • Build an European based Community based on openness and mutual financial growth.

  • Encourage bold and original ideas.