Founded December 2021 NFTKB provides talented Amateurs and Semi-Professionals Artists within the EU ( with our primary focus on The Netherlands and Belgium) an opportunity to capitalize from their creations by offering limited edition, exclusive digital collectibles in the form of Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) or Crypto-Art.

I started NFTKB driven by my passion for Amateur and Semi-Professionals Art and an understanding of the benefit of NFTs to Artists through the smart contract to control their art and build generational wealth through a royalty system based upon the NFTs highest sale value in perpetuity.

David W.G. Voyle

A “ Forget about that box” thinker.
Pragmatic, Visionary, Creative, Decisive, Proactive NFT Evangelist.

Throughout my career I have worked in a number of industries, working within companies of diverse sizes and cultures.

Intellectually curious with diverse interests in a range of subjects and a desire to always keep learning. I am stimulated by Art & Design, Technology, and the Diversity of Minds of Talented Grounded People.

Since 2019 owner of Multiporium and company focused solely on developing new ideas and concepts.

I am also Co-Founder of the creative collective Stylelandia whereas  Artist “Simon De Tailors “ I and my fellow Foundering Members make a very small contribution to the vast talent pool of Artists who are currently members of Stylelandia as we endeavour to integrate our members Art into clothing design and a range of other types of desirable designer products.